Task 5: Option 1

To teach students in younger to middle years how to share information online safely, students could create a paper social media profile. First, the teacher could facilitate a discussion on what a social media profile is and why we should not share all our information online. Students should discuss the potential threats online and possible solutions to these. Next, the teacher would create a social media profile as a class on the board. They would check at each step what to do with the students e.g “Should I set my photos as public or private? Why? Is this photo appropriate to share online? Why/ Why not?”. Students should also discuss not sharing passwords, phone numbers and email addresses and only adding people they have met in person and trust as friends. Once students have gained a thorough understanding of what is appropriate to share online, they can make their own paper social media profile using a template created by the teacher. This should include an appropriate picture with annotations about privacy settings and why the picture/information is appropriate. This will be modelled on the board beforehand as well as putting a ‘What I’m looking for’ list on the board as a visual reminder.

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