Task 5: Option 1

I presented at the google educators conference and I developed a class to show students how digital citizenship could be taught in the class. Start by creating a table in the document and place something that students can review in google docs, this can be an image or a class assignment they completed. When creating the review section allow students to fill in the review but do not leave a section when they fill in their name. After the students have completed the review speak to the students about their responses and point out that their names are not shown. Ask them if they think that their information is truly anonymous. Then point out that everything written on the web has a digital footprint and you can demonstrate this. Follow this link to find out how to show the track changes in the document https://www.pcmag.com/news/how-to-use-track-changes-in-google-docs . Show students the track changes and their names. Ask them to reflect about things you could say online that could be misinterpretted or they wouldn’t want on their forever.

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