Task 4: Option 4

Option 4: Think of and share an online remote learning activity idea that involves students learning about identifying different technologies and their purposes (or hardware and software more specifically) from their own home. Include what the students will be doing in the activity and how you would like them to share their learning with you or the class.

Year level: 5
Students will be organized into small breakout groups and work on this activity in lesson and in their spare time. In this activity, students are required to select an open-ended inquiry-based investigation topic and have it checked by the teacher prior to commencing the activity. This investigation topic needs to include a way in which students can research ways in which technology has replaced one historical way of achieving something. For example, a student may choose to base their investigation topic on how people communicated from a distance before the existence of text messaging or emails.

Students will be required to create a short PowerPoint that shows their research on the topic. Students will need to find one person to interview regarding their investigation topic and include their findings in the PowerPoint presentation- this could be one of the students parents, grandparents, an individual with a knowledge of technology, etc.. Their PowerPoint should include:

  1. Their investigation topic and the technology relevant to this investigation topic
  2. A brief overview of the technology- how it works and how it has benefitted society
  3. 2-3 different ways across history that humans achieved the function of the piece of technology without it.
  4. A short recount of their interviewees experiences
  5. One basic concept or idea of how the technology could evolve in the future.

Students will present their PowerPoint presentations as a group via their online classroom.

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