Task 4, Option 3

A lesson idea that could be used within a unit of work to provide an experience for students to explore past and present technologies is the development of clothes making. Students can explore how humans began their clothing journey using the skin of animals. Originally it was used as a form of protection. They can then explore how fibres were made to create woven fabric. As a hands-on activity, students can use a needle and thread to stitch pieces of fabric together, observing how long it can take to stitch each piece. Eventually students can observe and potentially use a sewing machine so as to see how much more efficient this method can be.  

This takes students on a journey of discovering the evolution of a simple necessity that we generally buy from the shops and think nothing more of. There should be an aim to notice how much the art of creating clothes has evolved and developed, allowing for discussion of why this may have occurred and inspire curiosity. 

Ideally this lesson would allow for students to interact with different fabrics, an older sewing machine and a modern sewing machine. It would also be an opportunity to invite members of the community to share their knowledge and experience of growing up – perhaps a grandmother could come in and help teach the students and provide a personal lived experience (eg sewing holes in socks rather than buying new ones). As a backup option, students could be shown these items being used in videos. However, it should be achievable to get needles, thread and fabric and a sewing machine of some kind. 

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