Task 4: Option 3

In Year 2 HASS, students are required to identify and explain the impact of changing technology on people’s lives (e.g. at home, work, travel, communication, leisure, toys) and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046). This fits in perfectly with exploring past and present technologies as part of digital systems.


Old vs. new game: Put pictures of various forms of technology (both old and new) on the board (or hold them up) and ask students to guess whether they are old or new. Can play it like heads and tails, thumbs up thumbs down, etc.


Show students pictures of computers varying from old to new. Mix them up and ask students to put them in order from oldest to most recent. Students are to discuss and explain their reasoning. Teacher to reveal the correct answer and discuss changes across time as a class.

If possible, the teacher could even take the students on an excursion to a museum to see the old versions of computers (or other forms of technology). 

Main activity:

Teacher to split the class into different groups. A representative from each group will randomly draw an image of a form of technology from a mystery bag. The teacher will then provide each group with a continuum of images of their technology item across time (which will be mixed up). Each group has to put the images in order from oldest to most recent, ensuring to justify their responses. Students could discuss qualities such as materials, size, possible weight, functionality, and could also think about what their technology item would look like in the future and how it would work.


Teacher to bring the whole class back together, each group is to present their finished order and justifications to the class. The rest of the class can ask questions and add comments before the teacher reveals the true answer and explanations.

As a class, the students can discuss any commonalities (and differences) they found between the different forms of technology they investigated.

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