Task 4: Option 3

There are so many things that come to mind in terms of past and present technologies that would be interesting and engaging for students to explore in the classroom and also provide a physical unit (pending availability) for students to assess and interpret.

Examples (of a reasonable size within a classroom):

  • Iron past and present
  • Typewriter and Computer
  • A candlestick phone or Rotary dial phone and smart phone
  • Cassette and cassette player, CD and iPod
  • Headphones old and new

What would be really interesting as a lesson idea is to ‘transform’ the classroom, potentially even placing a sign on top of the door that reads “the past” or a year relevant to the technology sourced and potentially even dressing up in old fashioned clothing.

The classroom will then display a range of old technology and the students will be encouraged to guess what the items are and write on whiteboards or posters what they think the technology is and why and have a chance to practice on the technology.

They will then be asked to infer what the new technology version of the item is, and upon a correct guess will be presented with the new version of the technology to compare and contrast- potentially using a Venn diagram in small groups.

This would be a really exciting and interactive session to show students how far technology has come.

Thank you!

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