task 4 – option 3

students could explore how world maps have changed over the years. go from the early days where explorers used to sail the ocean and manually map where land is. At the other end of the scale, look into how satellites now can map land masses and that people can access the world map instantly using the internet.

The students may be presented with the following questions;

  1. Do you think the maps created without digital tech were correct? why or why not?
  2. Do you think being able to instantly see the world via satellites can benefit various aspects of our lives? how?
  3. How do you think this digital technology may progress and improve over the next coming years?

For the lesson, the whole class and explore the various ways in which maps have been created in the past. Then in smaller groups they could discuss the focus questions.

for a summative assessment the students could potentially create a poster that contains a timeline of this developing technology and include their own ideas of what the future may hold.

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