Task 4: Option 3

To introduce the idea of changing technologies, the teacher would have pictures of the telephone over time. The teacher would highlight how quickly the phone has changed particularly over the last 20 years and ask students what they notice. For example, how mobile phones were getting smaller and then the trend was the make them bigger etc.

The main body of the lesson would be a guessing game for the students. The teacher would have printed different technologies over history. These technlogies would include a pager, a VCR, a rotary phone, a telegraph, the first cameras etc. The teacher could also include ancient technology for example an abacas, a sundial, and stone tools. This could trigger a discussion of what technology means to them and how the defintion changes over time.

The images of the different technologies would be on the whiteboard. The class would be seperated into teams to further their motivation and most correct guesses from a team would win a prize. The teams would write on post-it notes what they think each technology would be used for and for extra points, what era they think the technology is from.

The teacher would then have the students discuss their answers and why they think that technology is used for that purpose.

A technology guessing game can be found at:

Staff, B. (2018, March 19). Can You Identify These Obsolete Technologies From the Past?! BrainFall. https://brainfall.com/quizzes/can-you-identify-obsolete-technology-from-the-past/7/?_=MT0wMCYyPTEmMz0xJjQ9MDAmNT0xJjY9MQ

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