Task 4: Option 3

Lesson plan is focused on evolution of the washing machine/ process. Aimed at Year 2 level and using visual pictures as the instructional resource.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe how the washing machine/ washing process has changed from the past to what it is today due to technology advancements
  • Discuss the impact to people’s lives
  • Use the changes in the past to current to make predictions about the future about washing machine technology

Showing an image of the first ever washing machine ask for guesses about what it is and ask for reasons for their guesses.


Reveal the purpose and class discussion around why it was invented, how would it have been operated etc. Children to complete a venn diagram to compare what is the same and what has changed to current day washing machines.

Lesson could conclude with students using this knowledge to predict how the washing machine will look in 30 years time and draw a picture with labels. As a class can share predictions and then google to see what are some other predictions.

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