Task 4 – Option 2

Interactive Classroom Resource. Devising an online worksheet on Canva that compares humans to computers. Instead of opting for a traditional worksheet – limited interactivity, time constraints – an online worksheet maximises participation and interest in the task. Upper primary students can use graphic design skills to create visual depictions of their knowledge about the parallels between computers and human bodies in a tabular form. Using Canva to create the worksheet allows for a flexible amount of information to be covered, affords potential for research and the option of editing categories to incorporate new ideas as well as allowing students to use their own images and graphics, illustrating their understanding. Further to this, the ability to edit the worksheet when new concepts arise means students have a flexible, personal classroom resource.  

This task could also be suitable for professional teacher development, with the potential for more detailed analysis of the parallels between computers and the human body. 

dt-computer-human-worksheet-1-0.png dt-computer-human-worksheet-2-1.png

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