Task 3 – Option 3

I was looking at a website called ‘Digital Technologies Hub’ (https://www.digitaltechnologieshub.edu.au/teachers/topics/binary) which had a wide range of resources that teachers can use for many areas in the technology curriculum. One of the topics provided is ‘binary’.

In this section of the website it gives a brief overview of what binary is, resources for teacher to do further research, lesson idea, application games, assessment, as well as how other schools are teaching binary to their students.

One of the links for this is for a binary puzzle that students are able to solve. They have hundreds of puzzles on offer that range in difficulty. These puzzles can be printed or done online and would be a great way for students to apply their learnt knowledge of binary numbers in a challenging way. It is also a way in which teachers can assess if their students can apply their learnt knowledge on binary numbering.

This resource can also be used for early finishers as something that can be fun and also challenging.

Link to resource: https://www.binarypuzzle.com/index.php

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