Task 3: Option 2

An activity that might engage students in encoding and decoding data could be involving students in learning sign language by having them attempt to translate a chorus from a popular song and create a video of themselves signing the lyrics to the chorus.

This would allow older students to practise encoding data through a different form. To teach the students about decoding, the teacher could incorporate ICT by giving the students a sheet of different QR codes which link to videos made by the teacher of them doing the sign language for parts of various popular songs. The students would be required to translate and write down the title and artist of the corresponding songs and the first few students to successfully decode all of the QR codes can be rewarded.

Younger students could do a similar activity for decoding and use QR codes to find song titles to complete a simple worksheet e.g., the worksheet might have a QR code, a picture of a snowflake for a clue, and a blank space to write the song title “Let It Go”. For encoding data, younger students could practice secretly writing a nice message (A.K.A a ‘warm and fuzzy’) to a friend, learn how to turn it into a QR code, and give it to their friend to decode.

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