Task 3 – Option 2

I think Braille serves as an interesting example for students of how to encoding and decoding data. I’d design a lesson around getting students to encode a short word into Braille using an online source to find the letter formations (This website has a useful page on Braille that could be used for explicit instruction and children’s research of letter formations https://www.csfieldguide.org.nz/en/chapters/data-representation/getting-started/#so-how-does-braille-relate-to-data-representaton).

Once they spell the word the students could press it into card and get a peer to try and decode it by feeling the bumps – though the latter part would prove more difficult in a short time frame. (Perhaps do groups of two for the task and when decoding have one person feel and orally describes what they feel, and the other partner can decode it off a Braille alphabet card).

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