Task 3: Option 2

Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that involves students encoding and decoding data. You might involve another system that is used to convey information (e.g. Braille, flag systems, sign language, other cultures) or  incorporate a resource (e.g. story, song). If you are a teacher trainer, you might describe a professional session for teachers. If you are teaching remotely, let us know how you could teach this online or how you might take an existing activity you have found and adapting for students learning from home.

This basic lesson idea has been created to fit a Year 4 classroom, but can be complexified to engage older year levels as well.

Students are organized into groups of 4-5  (subject to class size) and compete in an ‘Amazing Race’ style game. Prior to this activity, students have spent prior lessons developing a shared class code for communication that replaces numbers and letters with made up symbols. Students are given a reference sheet of their class’ made-up coded language for reference on their adventure, and a worksheet for writing the decoded stops.

The aim of the activity is for students to decode the encoded clues and challenges at each stop and complete the relevant challenge (if there is one for that stop) in order to move onto the next stop. The first team to fill in the answers to their worksheet and decode the message at the finish line are crowned the champions.

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