Task 2 – Option Four

When studying at home there are countless activities that students can do to collect data. Within the house they could sort blocks, cars, pencils, stuffed toys and various other items into their colours, sizes or various other attributes (shape, how many wheels etc) and record this data on a whiteboard, piece of paper or chalkboard using tally marks. Ie – I have 7 blue cars, 5 red cars and 3 yellow cars. If the child was sorting something of similar sizes (ie – hot wheels cars or wooden blocks) they could arrange these items into a bar graph instead of using tally marks.

One particularly simple activity could be sorting the different colours within a bowl of fruit loops, jelly beans or smarties and recording this on a simple spreadsheet (via ticks or tally marks).

For the students who love nature, they could be provided with a simple spreadhsheet/table that identifies animals or plants likely to be found in their backyard or local park (ie – bird, ant, gumtree etc). Depending on the child’s age, they could then collect data about each thing they see outside using tally marks or ticks in the appropriate box.

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