Task 2, Option 4

If teaching students remotely, some activities that could be completed from home are detailed below: 

Ask students to spend 2.5 minutes outside, which may be timed by a parent, a stopwatch or even counting to 100. Students should have a look around and collect as many small sticks, leaves or rocks that they can find and then write transfer this data as a written form in their book.  

Students may be able to count the coloured flowers, or trees, or cars they can see from their house.  

Students may be given a set collection from the teacher, for example an image that shows a number of items that the students must categorise and then create a data representation for. 

The representation of data may be modified depending on the age of the students. They could create a tally, a graph, a chart, glue collections onto a piece of paper. This may also be determined by the teacher or students may be given the option to choose their what they think would be the best way to display this data. 

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