Task 2: Option 4

There are so many activities that students could do remotely with or without technology.

With a walk outside, the students could document the weather conditions at the same time each day for a week and could produce a graph on how many days had no clouds, clouds, rain, sunshine, or a mixture of these elements. What would be interesting about that one is that one day could produce multiple pieces of data to analyse, for example on a day with a sun shower. This could be presented on a graph on the computer or could be drawn on paper to present findings.

If students were near any roads (with parental supervision), they could watch from a safe distance for 15 minutes and document the colours of the cars that go past. This would provide a single data element that could be analysed. Something like this would be easy to produce by printing car tokens and colouring them the colour and sorting them into a graph on a sheet of paper or on the computer.

Students could be asked to find every toy in their house and sort them by a chosen attribute such as soft and hard, material and size. (In place of toys, this could be household cutlery). This is something students could use chalk outside to draw up graph of their choice and physically place the toys in each segment then take a photo or video explaining what they have done. This could then be uploaded into sites such as Connect to share with their teacher and other students.

The list goes on! It is easier for me now to see that data is not only relevant, but it is all around us everywhere we go and can be represented in many ways.

Thank you!

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