Task 2: Option 4

I chose option 4 because remote learning is something that has become very relevant recently. Engaging the students in data collection in creative ways would need to utilise their home envrionments where they are doing their learning. Different data could be collected on which family members live in their home, how many pets students, or the heights of family members. The creative aspect of these lessons would be representing the data. For students in younger year groups, the teacher could collect the data from the students and represent the information in different ways, for example a pie chart or a bar graph.

If the students were older and more technologically literate, a google document could be created where the students in the class can input their data and share the information with the class. Then students could experiement with representing the data in different ways using excel. Students could take turns in the online lesson showing how they represented the data and how they interpret the data.


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