Task 2: Option 4

If I were teaching students about data remotely, I would teach data using activities to teach specific skills to different ages.

Younger students could learn how to sort data by finding 10 different objects and finding different attributes by which to sort the objects. This can be anything from the colour of an object to where it is kept in their house. Older students could do a similar activity but then be asked to represent their data in multiple ways and then discuss which way was the best and why.

Younger students could learn about analysing data by being given a challenge to show the data that the teacher has represented. For example, the teacher might write the names of different pieces of cutlery and then a number next to them, and the students could show how many pieces of cutlery they have. Older students could do this by solving math problems which utilise sets of data, or writing a story about the data that has been plotted on a certain graph – assessable by the teacher noting if they have used the correct amounts, attributes and more.

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