Task 2: Option 4

If students were remote learning, especially during a lockdown, collecting exercise data would be ideal. Students could do activities such as collecting their steps they take everyday if all the students had a FitBit and organising the data to work out the mean and mode to assess which day of the week they take the most steps.

Students could also have an exercise competition such as a push up or sit up competition. Students could do push ups everyday tracking their improvement on a line chart. This could also be altered between classes allowing student to compete with other classes to see who could do the most push ups.

For classes that have students that are not capable of all these activities a book reading competition between classes would work. Students would record how many pages they read each day in a shared excel sheet. At the end of the week the total could be generated and displayed on a graph. It would then show which days students read the most and they could see if the other classes share any reading trends.

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