Task 2: Option 4

Option 4: If you are teaching students remotely (online), what types of data activities could students do from home? This could be an activity with or without technology.

Data activities can be bountiful when collecting data from home. One way students could collect data is to encourage students to record what fruit they eat across an entire week. Students can correlate this data into a bar graph to discuss what they’ve eaten ‘the most’, what they’ve eaten ‘the least’ and the total amount of fruit they’ve eaten.

Teachers can encourage reflection of data through modelling questions such as:

  • Will the data answer my question?
  • What is the best way to present my information?
  • What does the data tell us?
  • What new questions do I have?

Patterns can also be identified by correlating everyone’s data into a shared class graph and identifying what information that graph tells us.

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