Task 2 – Option 1

It started with us reading Oliver Jeffers book ‘Up and Down’ where the little boy has a pet penguin, The students suggested other zoo animals they would like as a pet. The Receptions coloured pictures of their choice of zoo animal and stuck it on the board. We wanted to do the task using clones of animals on the IWB in a nicely drawn graph with labelled axes but their was a computer / IWB glitch, so we improvised with blu-tacking their pictures on the board. (See Image 1)

The data collected was Categorical – Qualitative data – nominal. The Year 1 students chose a bar graph to visualize their data using the Numbers app on their iPads. (see Image 2) When the class came back together we analyzed the data and drew conclusions about the most and least popular zoo animal to have as a pet.

data-collection-0.jpg graph-1.jpg

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