Task 2: Option 1

For this task, I collected some data from home regarding the number of coloured pens I own. Prior to counting, I had to narrow down a definition of the word ‘coloured pen’ in order to obtain valid data, so any form of stationery I owned that did not have the word ‘pen’ as its formal name (ie. highlighter) was not counted. As I own a lot of pens (121 in total), I thought it would be more practical to represent the data graphically through software. The data collected from this investigation is categorical and nominal. I counted the number of each colour pen I owned and input the resulting data into Microsoft Excel to form the following graph:

It was worth noting that there were a few pens that were difficult to categorise, often due to being a mix of two colours, thus the other category was a necessary addition. From the graph, it is easy to see that I own the most blue pens, which makes sense as it is the pen I use most often to take notes and write things with.

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