Task 1 – Option 2

Some of the most pressing – and impressive – examples of innovations in digital technology come in the way it has been used to combat our current Covid-19 health crisis. A good example – especially for those working with children and young people – is the CovidBaseAu website. 

The site was designed to simplify diverse sources of Australian Covid-19 data and deliver it to the public in an accessible format. However, it is particularly impressive as it was devised by three Melbourne teenagers. 

It was developed in response to a problem – inconsistent reporting of data across state and territory governments. Its creators, Jack, Wes and Darcy, sought to remedy this by transparently recording Australian and global data on infections, hospitalisations, deaths and vaccinations. This represents not only a clever use of digital technology, but also is indicative of the potential for technology to empower young people to innovate and combat real world problems. 


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