Task 1: Option 2

As someone with a degree in Pharmacology, I was fascinated to discover the relatively new field of Digital Therapeutics (DTx)- which is a subset of the field of ‘digital health’. DTx seeks to integrate core principles of digital technology into health care. Digital Therapeutics are software-driven and evidence based, with the aim to prevent, manage or treat medical issue- making DTx different to diagnostics and telehealth. An interesting direction for DTx is into the sphere of chronic illness intervention- such as diabetes and mental health. DTx is currently used to deliver evidence-based behavioural interventions for diabetes. Omada Health in San Francisco developed a digital intervention to make them accessible to millions of people. This digital intervention combines software and hardware and human coaching and has been successful in assisting participants with diabetes to maintain a reduction in blood sugar after three years- some participants even moving from prediabetic back to the normal range. These results indicate how innovatively technology can be used to assist in the everyday lives of people worldwide. More can be read about this fascinating use of digital technologies to improve healthcare globally in this article from Nature Magazine (https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02873-1).

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