Task 1, Option 1

Option 1. Find and share an example of a job or discipline area that involves some element of computing or relation to digital technologies. Share with the community what the career is or discipline-branch with a brief explanation and what interests you or questions you might want to know about this area of computing.

My choice: Early intervention digital technology use — technology-based interventions

Technology-based intervention is currently been tested, trailed and used in intervention for children identified on the autism spectrum. This predominantly uses computer technology as the main medium for the intervention and the theoretical underpinning lies in the research that observed the children identified on the autism spectrum having an affinity with technology as per behavioural characteristics of this population. The benefits of the intervention includes reducing social demands that exists in other types of intervention, complement with specific children that may have interests in technology. And these technologies seek to offer instructions that align with children’s preferences for routine and sameness.

Kientz, Goodwin, Hayes, and Abowd (2013) proposed eight categories of technology-based interventions: (a) personal computers and the internet; (b) video and multimedia; (c) mobile technologies; (d) shared active surfaces; (e) virtual reality and augmented reality; (f) sensor based and wearables; (g) robotics; and (h) natural user interfaces.

The practice can be low-tech (picture boards) or high-tech (tablet use) and assists in agumentatative and alternative communication. These are to complement children’ environment and offer further learning skills that they can apply in the real world.




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