Task 1, Option 1

I have found that speech therapy is a profession that uses digital technologies and I was quite surprised at just how much. Using digital technology within therapy can provide opportunities for patients to develop language and communication skills; from young children learning sound articulation, to elderly patients requiring rehabilitation from some trauma, among many others (Toki & Pange, 2010; Egaji et al., 2019). Although there are challenges, digital technology can allow patients to practice their work at home and through a virtual setting (Munsell et al., 2020). Digital technology also allows for a more patient-centred approach which may be modified by the therapist to create a more individualised therapy plan (Egaji et al., 2019). 

I find this an interesting way of using digital technology. It requires a great deal of programming and coding. Communication is an integral part to the quality of life of every human being, so using technology in this way provides real world benefits to a variety of people. I am intrigued as to how this form of artificial intelligence is created and programmed to have the capacity to allow for interactions and verbal conversations. 



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