Task 1: Option 1

One discipline area that is rapidly changing to rely more on digital technologies is human resources. As we enter an increasingly digital age and artificial intelligence, robotics and new cognitive solutions grow in both sophistication and usage within workspaces organizations must reconsider how their human resources department design jobs, organize work and manage employees.

One question I had about this was how this change will impact small to medium sized business that do not use advanced artificial intelligence or robotics and the answer was the implementation or upgrading of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. ERP systems are a type of software that organizations can use to manage day-to-day activities across the whole business through a series of connected silos – ensuring employees only have access to the information required for their work. ERP systems support human resources departments as they allow human resource staff to actively track and manage employees by monitoring things such as performance, turnover and employee milestones. ERP systems to can even be implemented within small business through cloud-based ERP systems meaning the technology is available to all businesses and can be customized to suit each business.

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