Task 1: Option 1

In an ever-advancing technological age, one particular industry that has seen a lot of changes with the incorporation and embracing of digital technologies is personal transport in the birth of new businesses such as Uber and DiDi. These businesses involve digital technologies and computational thinking from the recruitment process through to the maintenance of a high customer satisfaction rate and vehicle quality, as well as in every instance of service.

Having done some research on the history of Uber, it was founded by a computer programmer who wanted to find a way to reduce the cost of private hire direct transportation. He then hired a computational neuroscientist amongst many others who helped to determine the demand for the service and go on to create the technologies involved that to the current consumer would appear as a simple but smart app on their personal device.

What interests me further in terms of digital technologies is the process behind the app creation from initial idea to final product as well as the functions and features of the app to guide the drivers.

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