Task 1 – Option 1

An area that is constantly using digital technologies is in health care; specifically nursing. In the area of health care there is an ever-evolving door of new technologies that are used by nurses around the world. They are always learning how to use new technologies to best suit their patients needs. Nurses are using digital technologies such as smart beds, monitors, IV pumps, accessing online health care records, administering medication by scanning it into the system, etc (WGU, 2021). Listed above is only a small amount of technologies used by nurses.

This area interests me as the medical field is constantly changing and therefore so are the technologies in that field. I wonder if there are some people in the field of nursing who struggle to keep up with this and how they manage their struggles.

WGU. (2021). Seven Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care. https://www.wgu.edu/blog/7-nursing-technologies-transforming-patient-care1903.html

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