Task 1 – Option 1

One career that involves the use of digital technologies is a linguist, specifically a computational linguist. A computational linguist collects data from a language (including aspects of language such as syntax, phonics, stress, and pitch) and feeds this into a program which processes and combines this data to produce and recognise speech. The most common example being Apple’s Siri. This is interesting to me as speech is intrinsically human, yet we can teach machines to recognise and produce this human by product. I initially wondered how the data is fed to the code, was it letter by letter or through whole words or phrases? Through reading the article below, phonetically rich sentences (sentences which distinct sounds) are chosen and read by voice actors to create text-to-speech software. A very interesting and useful discipline of linguistics and computer science!

This is the article that I read: https://www.theverge.com/2013/9/17/4596374/machine-language-how-siri-found-its-voice

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