Digital technology in rare disease clinical trials

The news article, titled “Is technology the key to accelerating rare disease clinical trials?” published in MedCity News, 2021 explores how digital technologies can accelerate rare disease clinical trials (MedCity News, 2021).
Digital technology is the key to accelerate rare diseases—such as breast cancer and cystic fibrosis—clinical trials (MedCity News, 2021). It can assist sponsors in setting up trials and activating clinical trial sites quickly (MedCity News, 2021). While many people around the world are suffering from diseases (e.g., 2.3 million people are suffering from breast cancer, for instance) classified as “rare” diseases, there is a lack of treatment options (MedCity News, 2021). Research suggests that one of the best ways for increasing the treatment options is to rethink how rare disease clinical trials are run (MedCity News, 2021).
Rare disease clinical trials often need to recruit patients across the countries in the world; however, having sites in multiple countries is a complex process. For example, the sponsors need to receive approval from multiple complex regulatory bodies that are time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, on top of such perennial challenges, this trial has been slowed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic (MedCity News, 2021).
In this situation, digital technology can assist the sponsors to speed up their workflows. They can use patient recruitment software to identify eligible patients, while telemedicine and eConsent to manage remote patient visits (MedCity News, 2021).

Is technology the key to accelerating rare disease clinical trials? (2121, October 16). In MedCity News.

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