Data: Patterns and Play; Task 2, Option 1

Collect and visualise some data collected from your classroom, your home, online or from your community. Identify how best to represent your data visually, and then prepare a visualisation – this could be done on paper, a whiteboard, using physical objects, or you could try out infographic software. Please share your visualisation with the community, either by taking and sharing a photo, taking a screen shot or sharing a link to your visualisation.

See attached PNG image of data representation or;

What are the most common physical attributes in my family?

Eye colour: Mum: blue, Me: blue, Brother: green ,Sister:  brown, dad: brown

Hair colour: Mum: blonde, Me: brown, Brother: brown, Sister: pink, Dad: brown

Hair length: Mum: shoulder length, Me: mid back, Brother: short, Sister: shoulder length, Dad: shoulder length

Hair type: Mum: straight, Me: curly, Brother: straight, Sister: wavy, Dad: straight

Most common features were: 

  • Brown or blue eye colour.
  • Brown hair colour.
  • Shoulder length hair.
  • Straight hair.


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