Task 5, Option 1

Option 1: Think of a lesson idea for “sharing information online safely” or “behaving online appropriately”. Write your idea as a brief description with any links to websites, videos or books that you might use in your lesson. If you are a trainer or leader, you might describe an activity for teachers in a professional development session.


A lesson I would do with students to learn about online safety would be to create a few ‘online profiles’ and share them students in group. The profiles would be slightly different from each other revealing more and more information about that person e.g., street address, age, interests, and what school they go to. I will get the students to discuss with themselves to see how public or private their profile is. Then as a class each group will present and say how private their given profile was and explain why they think that. Then as a whole class the students will rank the profiles from most private to public. Then as a whole class discuss what makes a profile private and public and what information we should be putting on the internet.


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