Task 5: Information Systems

For task 5 I chose Option 1. I wanted to do a lesson for Year 1’s on ‘sharing information online safely.’

I found a great lesson idea from this link – https://csermoocs.appspot.com/f6foundations/unit?unit=6&assessment=67

In this lesson the teacher has previously laminated cards that contain a word and a picture related to online safety.

Students have sort these cards into ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ categories.

I think in the classroom it is important to have many posters on the wall containing information on online safety. The teacher can stick these cards onto a poster that students can look up at and remember what THEY categorised as ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe.’

The link also has a great lesson idea where students create a paper version of an online profile that contains safe information; nickname, fake profile, no information that is too personal.

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