Task 4 Option 3

Option 3: Exploring past and present technologies: Share a lesson idea that involves exploring past and present technologies. You might prepare a resource, a lesson plan or some online content that accompanies your lesson. Share your idea with the community. If you are a teacher trainer, you might consider an idea for a professional development session.

A fun lesson idea for a Junior Primary class:

Ask students to bring in the oldest computer/phone/game console that they can find at home. The teacher also brings old versions of these technologies, as well as a new version of these (e.g. a laptop, smartphone, etc.)

Students think about and write down all the improvements and accessibility options that have been added to the newer devices, and why these changes have been made. As a fun extension, students can compare the ease of which they can complete certain tasks on each device. e.g. “Dial _____ phone number on a dial-up vs on a smartphone!”

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