TASK 3 – Option 3

Below is a link to a website that explores patterns that is an easier way to explain binary code.

Students are put into small groups of three or four. Provide students with Black and white cards and a 5 x 5 design mat for them to lay tiles on the Design mat.

These constraints could be simple at first; for example, ‘You may use a total of 25 letters to explain the picture’. Students will quickly figure out that, on a 5 x 5 mat, that equates to one letter per tile. A common solution to this problem will be to say something like ‘b, w, w, b, w’.
Then by making it a little harder saying to the students to not use words or letters, they will be left with symbols or numbers which you can begin to explain binary.

Using binary to create on/off pictures | Digital Technologies Hub


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