Unit 2: Option 1

Some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety are: 

Cyber Security – Is about protecting computers, networks, programs and data through robust computer science and technology systems. It involves skilled professionals to design technology and systems, strong testing procedures to prevent attacks, applying innovations eg biosecurity, and maintaining secure technology and system eg encryption. 

Cyber Awareness – This is about our understanding of potential threats to safety and knowledge and skills of users to avoid these threats. It is about building our knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in protecting our information and assets. It involves creating strong passwords and two factor authentication, awareness of data including use and misuse, cyber attack awareness, knowing only data is permanent, and up to date policies and procedures. 

Cyber Safety – is about being knowledgeable and skilled to ensure we behave safely and responsibly online. It involves collaborating responsibly, sharing thoughtfully, considering ‘digital footprint’, applying a code of ethics, applying safe settings and being careful with devices and tools. 

I have not taught these in the classroom as I am a preservice teacher. However, I think that students need to be aware of digital security and safety in the classroom. With the use of devices, technology, internet, apps, etc there is more opportunities for issues and risk. Students need to be informed of online privacy and security.

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