Task 7: Option 1

Using Scratch:

I have selected the Scratch game of ‘Animate an Adventure’ for my lesson. The lesson will focus on developing a deeper understanding of the game.

Firstly, the introductory video will be shown to the class to provide an initial tutorial for the game. The students will then be given the opportunity to step by step follow through a teacher-designed checklist so that the process is simplified and easy to follow. The first step will be to write down a short sequence of events to underpin the story. For example an introduction, a conflict and a resolution.

Then, students can navigate to the costume tab and design their characters. Following this, using the code tab, students can begin to lay out their code with the assistance of the teacher. This may be a group or individual activity.

At the conclusion of the lesson, if time permits, students can present their cartoon stories and share their experiences. Students should discuss the elements which went well and what did not go so well and how they overcame it using computational thinking.


Below is the link to the game on Scratch –


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