task 6 – option 2


A sequence activity that could be created for receptions is a morning school routine. This could be presented and explained to new receptions who are starting school for the first time. The routine could go along the lines of this:


  1. Put bag in locker
  2. Get reading folder out and put in reading folder box
  3. Get lunchbox out and put in the classes lunch box holder
  4. Get drink bottle out and place on table
  5. Go to wellbeing table and stick your name next to the category you are feeling (happy, sad, excited, tired…)
  6. Sit at your desk and practice writing your name on the sheet Infront of you.
  7. Once complete, relax and wait for further instructions from teacher.


This activity would help student develop skills of putting things into a logical sequence and would help them understand that most repetitive activities have a sequence of some form.

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