Task 6: Option 2

Option 2: Design an activity that explores sequences of instructions.

Making a paper plane

Making a paper plane steps

You can use algorithms to help describe things that people do every day. In this activity, we will create an algorithm to help each other fold a paper airplane. An algorithm is a series of steps or directions.


  1. Cut out the steps for making a paper airplane provided worksheet.
  2. Work together to choose the six correct steps from the nine total options.
  3. Glue the six correct steps, in order, onto a separate piece of paper.
  4. Trade the finished algorithm with another person or group and let them use it to make their plane!
  5. If you are concerned about injury when your students begin flying their paper airplanes, we recommend having them blunt the tip of the plane by either folding it inward or ripping it off and covering the ripped edges with tape.


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