Task 6: Logical sequence of Recipes

Option 2:

Learning to follow instructions is an important skill and an excellent way to practice this in a fun and delicious way is by practicing to read and follow instructions whilst reading a recipe. This encourages students to think about logical order or what step needs to occur in order for the next step to take place.

Classroom activity: recipe for banana muffins

  1. Get students to highlight what they think are the key parts (what they are making? how many does it make? How hot should the oven be? Ingredients? Do we have everything? key structures of a procedure
  2. Teacher will go through the recipe with the students and discuss points in the previous steps
  3. The teacher may demonstrate/discuss how the procedure may not work if it was in the incorrect order
  4. Students will then practice using the worksheet below putting the components of a recipe into a logical sequence https://br.pinterest.com/pin/516014069785534650/
  5.  Students will follow the procedure and create the banana muffins

This task will also incorporate a mathematics component- measurement and fractions

Follow on activity: extending their thinking- students create their own procedure for example their daily/morning routine. They will then create a video demonstrating each step.


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