Task 5- Option 3

Option 3: The Digital Technologies curriculum encourages students to ‘create and share information in safe online environments’. What are some ways that you would have students sharing work and creating work online together and what tools and environments might you use?


Online teaching, sharing platforms have become quite popular of late due to the current pandemic. Some great teaching resources that allow for student interaction are Collaborate, Microsoft teams or Zoom. These programs enable the students to converse with one another in a safe manner, where teachers or parents can monitor their work/conversations whilst in class. Other collaborative platforms include Google Slides or Google Docs, these Google programs allow children to share their work and work together from their own devices, these software’s are a safe space where teachers or parents with an invite link can join.


Students working together in a safe environment is so important, especially at a young age which is why most, if not all of these programs require an invite link/code. To make these activities more school-appropriate, I would ask my students to sign up using their school emails, which will also protect the student if cyber safety issues were to arise.

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