Task 4, option 3

Key Question:

How has technology changed over the years and what similarities and differences are there?

Lesson Starter:

Discuss how technology isn’t the same as what it used to be. Explain and go over some examples of how technology has changed e.g., telephones and computers.

Bring in some examples of old phones and technology. Prior to the lesson you could send a message out to family asking to bring any old technology in, if they have any.

Lesson activity

Allow the students to have a play around with the old technology. Once the students have had a decent play around with each bit of technology ask them to find out if they know how each bit of technology works and if they have ever seen it before.

As a group discuss some of the similarities/ differences between the old technology and current technology.

Once students have had a whole class discussion give them a print off the table below and get them to fill it in. The table gets the students to write down similarities/ differences, anything new and if the technology is still used today.

Technology Similarities Difference Anything new? (More technology added or removed, smaller bigger?) Is it still used today?



Use technology that is recent such as the Wi-Fi modem, printers, and email system.


  • Ask the students what they thought the major difference in technology was
  • Ask if they encountered any problems when trying to figure out what certain technologies were
  • Ask the students if they think using the old technology or new technology would be easier and why?

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