Task 4 – Option 3

Option 3: Exploring past and present technologies: Share a lesson idea that involves exploring past and present technologies. You might prepare a resource, a lesson plan or some online content that accompanies your lesson. Share your idea with the community. If you are a teacher trainer, you might consider an idea for a professional development session.

Students will take part in a lesson around focusing on a specific past technology and comparing this to a present one. Students will be asked to draw a picture of a technology they use the most in their life and to write three characteristics of it. For example they may draw a picture of a phone, say it has apps, is portable and  take pictures. They are then asked to conduct an interview with a grandparent or parents about their most used piece of technology when they were said students age. This may be an old tv, laptop, record player etc. The student is then asked to draw a picture of this piece of technology and three characteristics of it with help from the interviewee. In class students will then compare their technology with their grandparents. The class will share different comparisons they have made and notice the difference between old technologies with new.

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