Task 4 – Option 3

Mystery Object
Each day a new technology from the past mysteriously appears in the classroom. Students are invited to look at it, touch it, analyse it and discuss what they think the object is, what it may have been used for and why?
Students form groups and each group chooses one past technology to research and create a timeline to the technology used today. Students present their timelines to the rest of the class.
Questions to pose:
What similarities or differences do you notice between the technologies within the timeline?
Why do you think they are the same/different?
Has the technology improved our lives? If so, how? If not. why not?
What do you think this technology might look like in the future?
How would you improve the technology?
Can you think of other past and present technologies? You could interview a parent or grandparent and ask them about the changes they’ve experienced in technology.
Examples of technologies may include:
• Image of the first ‘computer’
• telephone
• camera
• floppy disc
• image of the first video game
• Abacus
• Vinyl record
(Exploration, research, collaboration, discussion of past and present technologies in this unit is conducted over several weeks).

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