Task 4: Option 3


Option 3: Exploring past and present technologies: Share a lesson idea that involves exploring past and present technologies. You might prepare a resource, a lesson plan or some online content that accompanies your lesson. Share your idea with the community. If you are a teacher trainer, you might consider an idea for a professional development session.


This lesson plan aim is to educate and develop students understanding on past and present technologies. Further below is a online past and present technology pictured worksheet which is what will begin the lesson. In this worksheet has past and present technology pictures with their respected names below it. Depending on the teacher this online worksheet is suitable for this activity or they can create their own. Students will begin by comparing past and present technologies together. For example, typewriter is the past version of technology and computers are the present version of technology. Whilst students are comparing past from present on the worksheet, there will also be questions for them to answer to do with these technologies. These questions would include: Do you prefer past or present and why? Why do you think they upgraded and increased the technology in some of the devices? What past technology do you wish was still around till this day and why? etc. Understanding the importance of technology towards the students education, is one of the most important keys and principles that needs to be discussed and explained towards the students throughout this lesson. Overall this lesson plan allows students to be able to explore past and present technologies, complete a worksheet that ables them to understand what technologies came before a computer.

For there homework or, to end the lesson for this topic or for whole another lesson, their aim is to create and present to the class as a group or pair, whether they believe past or present technology is better for the development of students education in this generation. And also in their own words why they think technology is helpful towards education.


Link – https://www.eslprintables.com/vocabulary_worksheets/technologies/new_technologies/Old_vs_New_technologies_820038/

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