Task 4: Digital Systems

Option 1: An inquiry question about computers or networks: Think of one curious question or investigation topic that could form the basis of an inquiry about computers or networks. Your question could be as open-ended as you like. Think of something that requires students to research and/or investigate. Suggest some resources or ways that the students might be able to investigate an answer to the question. The best questions are sometimes those that you don’t know the answer to. It might be that there is no easy answer! 

I would plan a unit linking Digital Technologies to HASS where I would first ask students to pick a type of digital technology (e.g. computers, phones, laptops, TV etc) or networks. After approved, I would provide students with the inquiry questions, ‘How has (chosen technology) changed over time? How does (chosen technology) shape your life?’ It might also be an option to ask students to bring in any old digital technologies for students to examine. Throughout the unit of inquiry, I would require students to research, create timelines and display their findings in an appropriate way. This inquiry question allows students to extend themselves by choosing more complex digital technology items.


  1. https://www.kidsnews.com.au/technology/mobile-phones-digital-cameras-the-internet-and-planes-have-changed-how-we-live/news-story/c5aec6a426a25de07e26b6274b4778a1 – article for kids
  2. Past and Present Tech video could be used at the beginning of the unit to give students ideas of research topics.

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