Task 3: Option 3

Option 3: Create or share a resource to support a classroom or professional development learning activity about binary OR digital data. This could be a worksheet, a poster, a book, a game or any other idea!
Binary worksheet:
  1. Organise students into small groups of three or four. Provide groups with a range of black and white squares: Black and white cards and a 5 x 5 design mat for them to lay tiles on the Design mat.
  2. Invite groups to fill up their board with the black and white squares to make a pattern.
  3. Ask students how they would get another group of students to create exactly the same pattern without allowing them to see the image? Note ideas on a whiteboard.
  4. Pair up groups and have them trial strategies for recreating patterns.
  5. As a whole class, discuss the strategies that worked the best.


Note: avoid using words such as ‘black, white, black’ instead say something like ‘b, w, b, w’ to get them used to recognising patterns.

As an extension the students should replace the letters or words with numbers.

Learning outcome: learning to understand how computers store and send digital images and we are going to be able to represent images in a digital format. Understanding pixels.


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