task 3 option 2

Option 2: Describe a classroom activity that involves students encoding and decoding data. You might involve another system that is used to convey information (e.g. Braille, flag systems, sign language, other cultures) or  incorporate a resource (e.g. story, song). If you are a teacher trainer, you might describe a professional session for teachers. If you are teaching remotely, let us know how you could teach this online or how you might take an existing activity you have found and adapting for students learning from home. 


to get the students to number the alphabet with numbers 1 through to 26 for each letter, a 27 for a space and 28 for a full stop. then get them to make a few sentences to tell the class a bit about themselves. once they have done this ask them to pass it to the person that is sitting next to them get the to decode the message. this allows each student to lean how to encode and decode a message using a visual code.

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